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We offer various dance styles in our group classes at all levels: beginners, improvers, and advanced. We appreciate how busy London lives are, hence we are the only dance centre that offers a flexible attendance plan. Just drop in for any class and attend as many as you wish!

Connect on a personal level with other students by sharing ideas, building a choreographed number, and performing together. Talk to your group class instructor for more information.

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We offer various dance styles in our private lessons for individuals and couples of all levels. Whatever your goal for dancing, we can help you achieve it! Private lessons give us a chance to work with you on a one-on-one basis or to help couples. Our instructors have vast experience in teaching all levels of dancers, and our coaches take care of the students every step of the way to achieve the best results in your dancing, whether you want to make a career out of it, or just learn a few steps for social events.

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First Dance and Father/Daughter Dance

We offer wedding first dance choreography to couples so they can step out in confidence on their big day. We offer one-on-one tuition in friendly atmosphere. We individually choreograph and teach the routine with your ideas and wedding dress restrictions in mind. This ensures that every couple has a unique first dance choreography that is totally suited to the individual needs and expectations.

View more information about the benefits of getting help for your first dance through our partner site.

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This form of partnership is very popular in the US and is now increasingly growing its strength the UK. Pro-Am stands for Professional-Amateur dance partnership, where a professional dancer and teacher partners with his/her student to showcase the ability of the latter on solo dance demonstrations and competitions amongst other Pro-Am couples. Demonstrations include different dance events, ranging from monthly friendly social dance parties organized in different dance schools in and outside London, to big gala balls, and charity fund raising events. Pro-Am competitions vary from small challenges between dance schools to bigger national and grand international dance championships.

We have a team of amazing professionals, which include dance instructors, makeup artists, hairdressers, dress designers, and event organizers who will make your journey towards the stage fun and easy every step of the way.

Dancing as a hobby

Whatever your personal goal, whether it is to be a great dancer or just to find a fabulous alternative to the gym, you will look and feel like a million dollars with the help of our team of professionals working alongside you.

Challenge yourself

Perform on stage or enter Pro-Am competitions with your instructor to gain a definite goal to achieve together with the pleasure of showing off your personal achievements.

Charity fund-raising

Dance events are a wonderful way to bring people together (indoors) in order to raise money. We are very experienced at this and can offer a complete package ranging from a competition to dinner or tea dances.

Social benefit

This is a great way to meet new people from all walks of life - creating friendships and memories.

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