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Flow Dance London has been having increasingly more inquiries for private dance lessons for men of various ages and with different goals. Although dancing is for everyone, however it is generally perceived that somehow only the female sex is supposed to be good at it. We decided to find out what is men's motivation to start dancing so that we can encourage male sex to pick up the phone and book their taster lesson.

Here are the results:

  • "The ability to move well on the dance floor is an asset for guys of any age to have", was pretty much what all our male students said. The usual occasions include weddings, office parties, corporate gala balls, private parties and clubs where their dance abilities are tested.
  • "Want to avoid embarrassing scenarios in case if invited on dance floor", seems to be a popular one across all ages.
  • "It's always a plus if want to impress someone, make that first move or surprise their other halves", we think that that's really the one important motivation underlining any other.
  • "Confidence building activity, that is actually surprisingly fun and pleasant", is a common discovery after the first taster lesson every single time!
  • "A common activity for a partnership or a couple to do on a regular basis, or a 'dance date' in mutual weekly calendars", not many couples can say that they have something fun to do together regularly, accomplish new goals and enjoy each others improvement in acquiring a new skills.
  • "Become a beginner in something new and enjoy the learning process", this was an interesting fact that some of our senior male students pointed out. It's great to be an expert in your professional life, but a new fresh skill that takes you down to the principles again brightens up your week and makes you feel human again.
  • "Dance is like a workout, quite surprisingly!", this is something us, dance instructors, hear a lot from our students. Particularly men new to dance lessons find it very attractive that they can have an alternative or additional workout activity. Dancing keeps you focused, makes you engage and move the whole body and at the same time develops your rhythm and musicality. If dance in a couple, then there's additional challenge to be a constant leader initiating every partner's move!

Flow Dance is conveniently located on the route connecting the heart of corporate London with very exciting residential areas on Northern line.

So please don't hesitate and contact us to ask any questions you may have and to book your taster lesson with one of our amazing professionals and learn any dance style you wish. Click here to find out more.

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Practice for fun & social events
  • Keep fit and gain health benefits
  • Prepare for competitions and learn from the best
  • Practice for your medal exams
  • Be confident in your first wedding dance
  • Train for auditions with personal help
  • Get ready for shows & performances
  • Impress family & friends
  • Do everything at your own pace


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