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In need of a new Hobby or you simply want to connect to new people?

Join our growing UNIT3 Community and connect with amazing Teachers and other like-minded students. To apply for your class spot email us at info@flowdance-london.co.uk or call 02071646827
Perks of becoming a UNIT3 Faculty Teacher:
> Regular studio slot reserved 
> 10% discount for Studio Hire
> Promotional posters/videos are created for you
> Class listed on our UNIT3 STUDIOS app
> Cut out admin 
Our great UNIT3 Faculty offers Classes from Contemporary over Hip Hop up to Jazz Dance and will make you feel safe, welcome and pushed to become a better dancer every single time.

Book your first Class now and give UNIT3 Faculty a try!

Download our UNIT3 STUDIOS app now and book onto your first Class. We are looking forward to flow with YOU!