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Private Lessons

Personal Dance Classes by Professional Dance Instructors
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Our Private lessons are for individuals and couples of all levels. Whatever your goal for dancing, we can help you achieve it! Private lessons give us a chance to work with you on a one-on-one basis or to help couples improve their leading & following skills, floor craft, technique and of course more dance repertoire. Owned and run by World Class International dance champions, Flow Dance and its top team of professional dancers can guide you every step of the way through your dance journey.

Why Private Lessons?

This form of one-on-one dance tuition is designed for you to be able to personalize your dance improvement to your own schedule, pace and goals. Whether you wish to simply learn how to dance for your own pleasure as part of your weekly activities; or want to impress someone with a new skill; or dream to embark on a new challenge and become a 'Strictly Star' of your own - Flow Dance is a place where you can get it all!

Is it for you?

If you are reading this, then yes - it is definitely what you are looking for! Our customers range from wedding couples; career driven or retired men who want to learn how to loosen up and be able to dance on any occasion with or without a partner; young gentlemen wishing to impress their other halves; busy moms looking to feel and look glamorous; aspiring amateurs dreaming to win their next trophy and many many more... We have a dance instructor for everyone!

Is there a level to begin from?

No, we take it from where you are, whether from a complete "0" or if you already have some dance knowledge. We teach all levels and make sure the lesson is paced to your personal improvement and ambition.

Dance styles: We offer various dance styles in our private lessons including all couple dances like Ballroom Tango, Latin Cha Cha, Waltz, Samba, Jive, Foxtrot, Rumba, Quickstep, Paso Doble, and Viennese Waltz. We also have amazing teachers for Argentine Tango and Salsa. If you are interested in individual dances like Street dance, Commercial, Contemporary, Ballet or Belly & Bollywood dance styles and more, just ask and we will arrange a lesson for you straight away!

We offer a 30min complimentary private lesson taster so you can get to meet with the teacher in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss all the details before the actual learning process. Discount deals available when purchasing packages:

Package of ten:  10 Private Lessons, 9 Group Classes, Complimentary Tickets for our Flow Blasts and anytime practice.

Package of twenty: 20 Private Lessons, 9 Group Classes, Complimentary Tickets for Flow Blasts and anytime Practice

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Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Practice for fun & social events
  • Keep fit and gain health benefits
  • Prepare for competitions and learn from the best
  • Practice for your medal exams
  • Be confident in your first wedding dance
  • Train for auditions with personal help
  • Get ready for shows & performances
  • Impress family & friends
  • Do everything at your own pace


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