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Pro-Am League

Train for Competitions with Professional Dance Instructors

What is Pro-Am?

This form of partnership is very popular in the US and Russia and is now increasingly growing its strength the UK and Europe. Pro-Am stands for Professional-Amateur dance partnership, where a professional dancer and teacher partners with his/her student to showcase the ability of the latter on solo dance performances and competitions amongst other Pro-Am Ballroom & Latin couples.

Pro-Am Performances include different dance events as seen on the schedule displayed here. These range from monthly friendly Ballroom & Latin social dance parties, to big gala balls, and charity fund raising events. Pro-Am competitions vary from small challenges between dance schools to bigger national and grand international dance championships.

We have a team of amazing professionals in both Ballroom & Latin styles which include dance instructors, makeup artists, hairdressers, dress designers, and event organisers who will make your journey towards the stage fun and easy every step of the way.

The ProAm Program includes Private Lessons, Group Classes and individual practice.

Run by the World Class Champions
The founders of Flow Dance London, with an extensive career in competitive industry in Latin American dance world, Carlos Custodio and Elena Plescenco will supervise each dancer to their own level and needs on both technical and artistic aspects of Ballroom & Latin dancing. They will also help individual dancers find a best professional dance partner and develop a tailored training and competition plan for each Pro-Am couple.

We offer a 30min complimentary private lesson taster together with your first paid lesson so you can get to meet with the teacher in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss all the details before the actual learning process. Discount deals available when purchasing packages:

Silver Package:  10 Private Lessons, 10 Group Classes, Complimentary Tickets for our Flow Blasts.

Gold Package: 20 Private Lessons, 10 Group Classes, Complimentary Tickets for Flow Blasts.

TO BOOK YOUR 30min FREE Taster call us on +44 (0)207 164 6827

Pro-Am Events

  • January  Blackpool, Pro-Am Champions Grand Finals
  • February - Winter Blast - Pro Am Showcases
  • March - London Gala Ball - Pro Am Competition
  • Apr - Spring Blast - Flow Dance Showcases
  • May - Blackpool ProAm Dance Festival
  • June - Brentwood - Pro Am Competition
  • July - Summer Blast - Pro Am ShowCases
  • October - Autumn Blast - Pro Am ShowCases
  • October - The London Ball Pro Am Competition
  • October - London Globe Pro Am Champions
  • November - Blackpool ISTD Grand Finals
  • December - Paris World Pro Am Championship

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