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Pro-Am League

Train for Competitions with Professional Dance Instructors

What is Pro-Am?

This form of partnership is very popular in the US and is now increasingly growing its strength the UK. Pro-Am stands for Professional-Amateur dance partnership, where a professional dancer and teacher partners with his/her student to showcase the ability of the latter on solo dance demonstrations and competitions amongst other Pro-Am couples.

Demonstrations include different dance events as seen on the schedule displayed here. These range from monthly friendly social dance parties, to big gala balls, and charity fund raising events. Pro-Am competitions vary from small challenges between dance schools to bigger national and grand international dance championships.

We have a team of amazing professionals, which include dance instructors, makeup artists, hairdressers, dress designers, and event organizers who will make your journey towards the stage fun and easy every step of the way.

Private Lesson Taster

2017 Pro-Am Events

  • 21st May – London, The Killick Royale Park Lane Hilton Hotel Open Competition & Pro-Am
  • 10th June – Flow Dance Summer Blast Showcases
  • 11th June – Brentwood, Pro-Am Champions Circuit
  • 2nd July – Gillingham, ISTD Qualifier
  • 15th July - Cardiff Wales, Pro-Am National Circuit
  • 4th September – Cambridge, ISTD Qualifier
  • 7th October – Flow Dance Autumn Blast Showcases
  • 14th October – London, Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane Open Competition
  • 5th November – Blackpool, ISTD Grand Finals
  • 25th November – Gatwick, Pro-Am Champions Circuit
  • 8th to 10th December- Disneyland Paris World, Pro-Am Championship Open Competition
  • 9th December – Flow Dance Christmas Party Showcases
  • 5th January 2018 – Blackpool, Pro-Am Champions Grand Finals

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