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DanceSport Club


Join our club to train for Latin American and Ballroom Dance competitions. Become the best dancer you can be whether you are a novice or professional, single or couple. This program is for students who aim to dance in competitions, take medals, or do pro-am. We provide a bi-weekly supervised practice session with all five Latin American dances. The coach will supervise each individual/couple to their own level and needs on both technical and artistic aspects of dancing.

The complete program includes 2 dance days a week:

      • Mondays 8:30pm - 10pm
      • Wednesdays 8:30pm - 10pm

Additional Private Lessons recommended. Membership also includes anytime daily practice in our studios.

DanceSport Club Membership: £60 per month per person

Take advantage of over 20 years of experience in major competitions from our instructors. This class is strictly for students that join our monthly membership for DanceSport club.

Check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel to see for yourself. Flow Dance London YouTube.