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Salsa & Bachata Classes

Enjoy stress free flexible attendance
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Why learn Salsa & Bachata?

  • I want to learn a new dance
  • I have never danced before
  • I am a beginner and want to advance
  • It sounds fun and want to give a try
  • I need a new hobby
  • I want to learn a new dance style

Join our Salsa & Bachata all levels dance classes . Individuals or couples are welcome!

Do you enjoy listening to all the Latin Music playing on the radio these days? Join our very own brand-new Salsa and Bachata class for a break from your busy daily routine, relive the stress and improve your emotional well-being. Salsa is a great way to stay fit and add on to your coordination and fluidity of movement. It also helps people to self-express through the rhythm of music. Bachata on the other hand is a beautiful and romantic dance born in the Dominican Republic which has variety of different rhythms and footwork. Learning Bachata will contribute to developing your body rhythm and movement and improve your partner dancing skills. The combination of these two passionate dances in one class will definitely make you forget about the outside world and take you closer to the latin culture.

When - Every Thursday 8.30pm-9.30pm

Any 2 group classes on Thursdays for the price of 1! So you are welcome to join our previous American Smooth and Rythm class!


Is it for you - This class is designed for absolute novices and improvers! Individuals and couples are welcome. Flexible attendance / pay as you go system - perfect for the busy Londoner’s schedule!

Dances - Salsa and Bachata

Class Description - 30min Salsa, 30min Bachata


Once you purchase your classes, book directly on our Flow Dance London Mobile app or on our website:

We look forward to welcoming you in the classes!

Terms and Conditions:

All pricing options are per person, valid for 3 month from the date of of purchase and non refundable after the first visit

Sometimes, due to unexpected circumstances, the scheduled instructor may change and be replaced with another highly trained instructor, without notice.

In the very rare event of a class having to be cancelled, as much notice as possible will be given to participants via email and social media. Every effort will be made for cancelled classes to be rescheduled.

Unauthorised filming or recording of the class is not allowed. No one wants to be on camera without being asked first.